Using words as branding

Eco copywriter Shine Copy Rachel Green

Allow me to introduce you to an incredible word-smith and fellow supporter of biz-ladies, Rachel Green. Rachel is the superstar SEO copywriter behind Shine Copy and all round incredibly lovely lady. She’s passionate about the impact that your words can have on the perception of your brand. I’ve collaborated with Rachel on a number of … Read more

Four ways a copywriter can help build your brand

How a copywriter can help build your brand.

What is a copywriter? How can a copywriter help build your brand? A copywriter writes copy. Get it? A copywriter. Yep, it’s that simple. But what they can bring to the branding table is certainly not simple. A copywriter is gifted with a natural talent for words, sentence structure, adjectives beyond your wildest dreams and … Read more

Finding the perfect business name

Welcome to the debut of my ongoing blog series featuring biz-ladies who will be sharing their insightful tips around branding, nurturing your business and biz-Mum life. To kick off this monthly series, allow me to introduce you to Phillippa Farah from Word Winnow, giving her secret tips to success in finding the perfect business name. Enjoy! Rachel … Read more