Using words as branding

Allow me to introduce you to an incredible word-smith and fellow supporter of biz-ladies, Rachel Green. Rachel is the superstar SEO copywriter behind Shine Copy and all round incredibly lovely lady. She’s passionate about the impact that your words can have on the perception of your brand. I’ve collaborated with Rachel on a number of branding projects, and am always impressed by her professionalism and natural knack for translating a brand personality into schmick SEO-friendly copy. Brand voice is something I highly recommend investing in to work harmoniously (like Vegemite and cheese) with your visual branding to create an authentic, seamless brand experience for your audience.

Enjoy! Rachel x

Using words as branding

Your brand is a person.

Born as an idea, it grew into the joyfully rewarding being it is today.

From those first I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this steps to where you stand today, it’s a lifeblood of its own. Your brand baby takes all your energy to thrive – and all the coffee to survive. Just like having another child, right biz mama?

It has a heart, a purpose and connects with people.

Your brand has a voice. That’s your brand personality. And it’s as vital to get right as your visual branding because your words are a magnetic brand tool.

It’s not what you say

It’s how you say it – and how that makes your customer feel about your brand.

We are driven by emotion. That’s why the most effective copy taps into your customers’ emotions to soothe their pain points, create desire for your products and show them how much better they’ll feel with your brand in their life.

So, if your brand is a human, how would he or she talk? Chatty and cheeky? Flowery or formal? Sassy or strait-laced? Playful or poised?

Maybe it would be another style altogether. That’s for you to choose and create a brand voice that fits you, your business and your buyers.

Your brand voice doesn’t have to be humorous like toilet paper funnies Who Gives A Crap or bold like Koala Mattresses.

It just has to be distinctly you.

The right brand voice attracts the right customers

It’s true what Instagram says – your vibe attracts your tribe. Brand voice brings personality to your copy, just like your own voice brings flavour to your relationships and how you connect with others.

The way your brand talks is a powerful way to attract your ideal customers. It helps build lasting relationships with your customers because if they like you, they’ll want to get to know you, they’ll trust you and then buy from you.

Brand voice is an effective way to show that you’re just like your target audience. Look at your customer feedback or testimonials. They are valuable ways to understand the words your customers use to talk about you. If you can reflect that style in the way you speak to them you can create a bond that speaks their language.

Keep it consistent

Once you have clarity on what your brand voice is, keep it consistent. Cohesion across your brand’s whole existence – website, emails, socials, brochures, signage, packaging – builds familiarity, trust and relationships.

Consistency for your visual branding is a no brainer. But sticking to your brand voice with authenticity is something that so many small businesses don’t do. That’s why a clear, strong brand voice can make you stand out from the crowded club of same same businesses.

Brand voice consistency also makes your copy easier to read. It’s relatable to the audience, business and the content. And that is where emotional connection happens.

So, if your brand is a person, what would they be like? How would they talk? What’s their style? Who does he or she hang out with? What would they wear? What makes him or her laugh until their pelvic floor just can’t hold it anymore? How does your brand feel with your products? Answer these and you’ll see your brand voice starting to take shape.

Remember – there’s no right or wrong. Be true to who your brand is with integrity, consistency and heart.

Find her here:

Website: shinecopy.com.au
Facebook: @shinecopyau
Instagram: @shinecopy

More about Rachel Green: 

Rachel Green is an SEO copywriter who gets meaningful businesses found online. She works with handmade brands, eco-focused business and small biz to create readworthy, Google-friendly websites that tell your customers you’ve got what they need. Rachel has a gift for transforming your jumbled ideas into clear, effective words that *really* say what you mean to say. She’s a down to earth mum of three, a wholefoods lover, L-plate beekeeper and a cheerleader for women in business building meaningful brands.

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