Managing complaints with integrity

How to manage customer complaints with integrity and alignment with your brand. Nobody is immune from customer complaints, even if they are minor. How you deal with them can have a profound impact not only on your own mindset and outlook, but also on the reputation of your brand. I’m sharing my six step process … Read more

Should you use your favourite colour for your business branding?

Colour is a hot topic in branding, for good reason! Yep, I’m talking about colour (AGAIN!). Why?! Because it is honestly one of the hottest topics for new business owners establishing their visual brands. Now, I’ll preach it until the cows come home… there is MORE to branding than just your logo, fonts and colours. … Read more

How do you stand out in a saturated market?

3 Myths Busted When it Comes to Standing Out Online With more businesses going digital now than ever before, it almost goes without saying that your brand needs to stand out online even more to attract the attention of those who need to hear your message. But don’t let a saturated market discourage you! I’m … Read more