Four ways a copywriter can help build your brand

What is a copywriter?

How can a copywriter help build your brand?

A copywriter writes copy. Get it? A copywriter. Yep, it’s that simple. But what they can bring to the branding table is certainly not simple. A copywriter is gifted with a natural talent for words, sentence structure, adjectives beyond your wildest dreams and witty isms. Let’s not forget their training, education and knack for words that rub Google up just the right way.

All of these amazing attributes can be harnessed to work with your visual branding and imagery to create a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to creating a consistent brand with rock solid foundation. There are many moving parts to a brand, and often it can be really overwhelming, particularly when there are so many people telling you what you should be doing (and of course, what they’re spruiking is the most important in their opinions!).

Let me break it down for you

If you have a solid brand foundation (VERY basically… you know who your ideal customer is, how your brand feels and what your point of difference is) then you can concentrate on three main components to bring your brand to life and create consistency. Visual branding (brand stylist), brand voice (copywriter) and brand imagery (photographer).

How can a copywriter help build your brand?

Here’s just a handful of ways that a copywriter can help you build a crystal clear brand:

  1. Business name, positioning statement, vision, mission, and tagline

These are the very essence of your brand. A copywriter will help you get them right, and make sure you’re sending the right message to your ideal client right from the beginning.

  1. Brand voice

A copywriter can help you truly connect to your target audience by analysing the personality of your brand, and the emotions/feelings of your audience. They can guide you to brand brilliance by crafting mesmerising copy that will evoke feeling, stimulate the senses and pique interest. You will receive a style guide (similar to a visual branding style guide) that will become your brand voice bible.

  1. Website copy

Did you know that you have less than FIVE seconds to engage users on your website before they lose interest and go elsewhere?! Obviously there are many strategies that go along with keeping viewers on your site, but engaging copy is definitely a key component! Gorgeous visual branding, fabulous imagery and alluring words are a recipe for success. Not to mention the SEO factor. Your copywriter can weave your brand keywords throughout your website, provide meta data, descriptions and craft headings that Google will gobble up like a toffee apple.

  1. Bits and bobs

Just like a visual designer can keep your gorgeous brand consistent through marketing collateral design (think flyers, booklets, brochures, business cards etc), your copywriter can filter your brand voice through all of these items and more. This helps to reiterate the consistency created in your visual branding by keeping your brand voice consistent as well. Your copywriter can help with your blogs, welcome sequences, newsletters and so much more. If you think of me as your visual branding BFF, a copywriter is your brand voice buddy!

A copywriter should not be considered a ‘one day’ investment

A copywriter is not a luxury and shouldn’t be considered an ‘extra’ that you might get around to one day. The moment I invested in my brand voice I noticed a difference in engagement and action in my target audience immediately. Just like crafting a visual brand that sings your praises through colour psychology, graphics, shapes and cues should be a high priority when building a professional brand, a copywriter complements this visual feast with a treasure trove of carefully orchestrated words, sentences, key words and calls to action.

I know a few amazing copywriters. If you’re in the market for one and would like a recommendation, just sing out!

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