How do I choose the right logo?

Choose the right logo for your brand

So, what exactly IS a logo and why do you need one? What do all of the different types mean and how do you choose the right logo for your brand? Read on my friends… Logotypes, logos, alternate logos, sub-logos, logomarks (I could actually go on here). It is all pretty confusing, right?! Since when … Read more

How to choose stock images for your brand

There’s no disputing that if you choose stock images strategically, they can be a useful tool to send clear messages and enhance the tone of your brand. But how do you choose stock images for your brand, specifically? First things first Before you do anything, ensure that you have a minimum of four core brand … Read more

Why you need core branding images

What are core branding images?

Stock images are incredibly useful to set the tone of your branding imagery. Take it from me, you should have a set of core branding images. They add depth to your branding identity by: creating a mood describing your vibe referencing your target audience evoking feelings and emotions creating a reference for your audience to … Read more