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Managing complaints with integrity

How to manage customer complaints with integrity and alignment with your brand. Nobody is immune from customer complaints, even if they are minor. How you deal with them can have a profound impact not only on your own mindset and … Read more

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Should you use your favourite colour for your business branding?

Colour is a hot topic in branding, for good reason! Yep, I’m talking about colour (AGAIN!). Why?! Because it is honestly one of the hottest topics for new business owners establishing their visual brands. Now, I’ll preach it until the … Read more

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How do you stand out in a saturated market?

3 Myths Busted When it Comes to Standing Out Online With more businesses going digital now than ever before, it almost goes without saying that your brand needs to stand out online even more to attract the attention of those … Read more

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The Holy Trinity of branding

Which type of brand specialist do you really need? When you think of a brand specialist, do you think of a graphic designer, a personal brand photographer or a copywriter? Thing is, there are brand specialists in ALL of these … Read more

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The thing you’re doing wrong on Instagram (and how to fix it)

How to effectively use the Instagram Music sticker to enhance your brand You’re more than likely using Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy (I mean, you’d be crazy not to!). But there’s SO many bells and whistles, that … Read more

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Do you need a personal element to your brand?

How to kickstart your personal brand on social media Do you relate to any of these? 👇🏻 “I don’t want to share my life on social media.” “I’m an introvert. I can’t build a personal brand.” “Do I have to … Read more

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Humanise your brand

Are you hiding behind your brand? It’s a whole new world out there folks! 17 years ago (when I first started in this game), it was unheard of to share videos of yourself gardening on the weekend or making a … Read more

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What’s the end goal for your brand?

Do you have a vision for your business? If I asked you what the ultimate end goal is for your brand, would you be able to tell me what it is in a confident, cohesive sentence? We all have a … Read more

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Getting intimate with your ideal customer

Don’t make the same mistake I did! What’s the big deal about creating a client avatar, otherwise known as a customer persona, your ideal customer, your kindred spirit client or your soulmate customer? Surely having a general idea of your … Read more

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Your brand doesn’t need creativity. It needs consistency!

Don’t be tempted to get creative. Why your brand will thank you for it. When you’re creating graphics to represent your brand, it’s tempting to stray outside the boundaries of your brand guidelines. You might see your competitors using the … Read more

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The Weekly Takeaway: Build your brand

Build your brand with an A-team

How to handpick your professional line-up to build your brand. This week I share how to handpick your professional line-up to help grow your aligned, authentic and impactful brand. If you’re in business, you’re building a brand. Whether you’re intentional … Read more

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Building a brand is not for the faint-hearted

Building a brand is not for the faint-hearted. Here’s why. Let’s chat about building a brand in the early stages… what you’re actually doing and why it’s important to see the bigger picture. Welcome to  The Weekly Takeaway! ☕️ Tips, … Read more

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Align your stock photography with your brand aesthetic

Enhance your brand: searching for stock photography by brand colour Do you get frustrated searching for stock images that truly align with your brand colour palette and aesthetic? This week I’ll show you how to search for images for your … Read more

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Turn your customers into raving fans

Nurture your warm audience into loyal brand advocates You may already know what a cold audience is, and how it is different to a warm audience. But how do you approach these from a branding point of view? Welcome to … Read more

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Cold vs. Warm Audience

What’s the difference between a cold vs. warm audience? You may already know what a cold audience is, and how it is different to a warm audience. But how do you approach these from a branding point of view? Welcome … Read more

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Instagram Stories Fonts Tutorial

Instagram Stories fonts tutorial

Instagram Stories fonts… one of those things you don’t really think about. You just pick one, throw it on top of your image and Bob’s your uncle. What if I told you, with a little bit of know-how and insight, … Read more

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What comes first? Your brand or your logo?

What’s the first thing most people do when they start a business? Design a logo, right? It makes your business feel ‘legit’, so you choose a few colours, whack together a logo and Bob’s your Uncle. Your brand is done. … Read more

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Brand consistency: Five steps to a flawless brand

I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the keys to branding success is consistency. And if you haven’t, then I’m telling you right now. Shall I say it again? Brand consistency = branding success. The real mystery here is HOW … Read more

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Homeschooling tips for business owners

Homeschooling guide for business owners

Since we last chatted, it seems the world has been tipped upside down. For online female entrepreneurs and small business owners, it felt like life was busy enough… but now the scales have been tipped further as you are juggling … Read more

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Keep your brand healthy through uncertain times

Three ways to keep your brand healthy through uncertain times

I’m here to sprinkle a little sunshine on your day. Although there is so much uncertainty, unease and upheaval circulating our business community at the moment, it’s not ALL doom and gloom. Even if your business is temporarily stalled, you CAN … Read more

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Facing the fear of starting a business

This month’s biz-lady feature is an incredibly inspiring lady that I met just over a year ago at a brand new event in Adelaide, supporting Mums in Business. She’s vivacious and kind, with a spark that burns brighter in the face … Read more

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Managing personal dramas and business

I had a different blog planned for this week… way different. But then LIFE happened in a big way. Oh my gosh, it got me good. And it also got me thinking that there are so many of us in … Read more

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Finding Balance in motherhood and business

Finding balance in motherhood and business… WHAT balance!? Today’s biz-lady feature is a woman after my own heart. We click on so many levels, including our passion for creating a successful business around our lives, which includes our family and … Read more

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Brand review

Supercharge your brand with a brand review

Brand review: Supercharge your brand in 2020 Welcome to 2020! January is traditionally a time of reflection, intentions and goal setting. We reassess our health, set lofty New Year’s resolutions and exciting goals for our businesses. It’s also an excellent … Read more

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The ultimate school holiday survival guide for mums in business

Here we go ladies! We’ve just arrived at the biggest challenge many of us will face in our business year. SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Cue horror music. For some of us, it’s a joyous time. We can take time off with … Read more

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What is colour psychology and how does it affect your visual brand?

Colour psychology is based on the concept that colours have a neurological effect on our feelings and emotions. From a young age, we are conditioned to associate colours, tints and shades with various feelings, thus reacting in a relatively predictable … Read more

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Accountant KAS Accounting Kelly Ho

How registering for GST can help your brand positioning

Does the idea of registering for GST give you the heeby jeebies? It did for me too, until I realised that it’s actually beneficial to the perception of my brand. I was of the mindset that it was all too … Read more

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Eco copywriter Shine Copy Rachel Green

Using words as branding

Allow me to introduce you to an incredible word-smith and fellow supporter of biz-ladies, Rachel Green. Rachel is the superstar SEO copywriter behind Shine Copy and all round incredibly lovely lady. She’s passionate about the impact that your words can … Read more

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How to write a vision and mission statement… the fail proof way

During the course of your biz-life, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘vision statement’ and ‘mission statement’ being thrown around. But what are they? What is their purpose? Stick around and I’ll share my easy-peasy method of how to write a … Read more

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8 simple steps to a flawless branding photoshoot

8 Simple Steps to a Flawless Branding Photoshoot

Preparing for a branding photoshoot can be intimidating and daunting! Where do you even begin? What do you look for in a photographer? Do you need professional hair and make-up? How do you prepare for the big day? Personal branding photographer, … Read more

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