What comes first? Your brand or your logo?

What’s the first thing most people do when they start a business? Design a logo, right? It makes your business feel ‘legit’, so you choose a few colours, whack together a logo and Bob’s your Uncle. Your brand is done. Or is it? Read on and I’ll debunk the myth that a logo comes before the brand, or somehow ‘makes’ the brand. It may even seem to be a chicken or the egg scenario, but prepare for your opinion to change radically. Your mind may even be blown…

Why your logo doesn’t feel like ‘enough’

In my experience, the concept of a ‘brand’ is probably one of the most misunderstood terms in small business today. Even when I’m approached to create ‘branding’ for businesses, quite often what people are initially seeking is a logo, and it’s not until we chat further that the penny drops and they realise what’s missing is actually so much more than that. In fact, that’s WHY they are feeling like their brand message is so empty. They have realised that their DIY logo, or cheap Fiverr attempt doesn’t truly align nor represent the message that they want to send. They know they need to do more, and that something is missing but their knowledge of branding is limited or misguided, so the default is to think, “logo”. What they don’t realise is that they’re actually skipping an incredibly valuable fundamental stage of the branding process.

When I prompt you to think of the brand, ‘Apple’, what do you think about? The sleek products, intuitive packaging, invitingly modern and crisp stores and incredible customer service? Or their logo? What about ‘Myer’? The spacious aisles, high-end products, friendly staff, quality advice and Father Christmas during the holidays? Or their logo?

The difference between a brand and a logo

You see, your BRAND is quite simply your REPUTATION. It’s what people are thinking, feeling and saying about your offer. It’s how they feel when they see your website. It’s shaped by their individual experience, opinions and pre-conceived prejudices.

Your LOGO is an identifier that is a strong visual reference to your offering. You can read more about the different types of logos here.

So how do you create a ‘brand’ if it’s based on a feeling?

Here’s the secret ingredient you’ve been missing. Lean in close. You can actually encourage and influence how your brand is perceived by consciously defining your brand foundation and brand strategy, culminating in a one-of-a-kind brand personality. With a rock-solid foundation for your brand, you can use these boundaries and parameters to shape ALL of your marketing efforts. Before your website. Before your socials. BEFORE YOUR LOGO. Only once you have this integral groundwork defined (and aligned), are you able to create a logo that truly represents your brand message.

If you’re feeling like, “whaaaaat Rach, how do I do that?!”… I invite you to join the VIP waitlist of my brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy. I will personally lead you through my proven step by step formula to create your brand foundation that will culminate in your brand personality. It is only then that you will have found your compass to your entire marketing strategy.

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