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Wondering how to find your perfect logo designer? Here are four simple steps to finding a trustworthy designer (and avoid having your logo stolen!).

Recently I shared a conversation I’d had with a lady who had had her logo stolen and presented to another business owner as an original logo concept, that she actually paid a designer for! Craaaaazy, right?! Think it won’t happen to you?

Truth be told, I hear stories similar to this ALL. THE. TIME. So, as promised, here are some simple tips on how to find a trustworthy logo designer who will create an original logo for your biz-baby.

  1. Ask for recommendations for graphic designers, branding designers or illustrators who specialise in logo design

Chat to your friends in business who have STELLAR logos and/or branding identities. All the better if they’re in a similar industry and align with your own target audience. Please, please, please avoid Fiverr, DesignCrowd and other overseas freelancer websites. While your best friend’s aunty’s neighbour’s cat may have had excellent success finding her perfect logo designer on these platforms (and I’ll admit it does happen… rarely), it is just not worth the risk.

  1. Become an unashamed stalker of your potential logo designer

Stalk potential designers’ portfolios, websites, socials etc and see if you like their vibe. Make sure it is consistent and coherent! If you stumble across a designer who has nailed their own visual branding and its vibe has attracted YOU, then chances are they’ll be able to create your perfect logo.

  1. Request a chat to see if you’ve met your branding BFF

If they’re not easily contactable or approachable, run for the hills! Visual branding and design is all about communicating a message. Notice the key word there? Communication! Spot on design is always a product of excellent communication.

So book in a chat, and be prepared with a list of questions that are relevant to the brand you’re building. Ask about their process and the value you’ll be receiving. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. Ask if they design from scratch or if they use clip art. You do NOT want a logo designed with clip art… that is just asking for trouble.

  1. Get personal (not intimate)

Don’t be afraid to ask awkward questions. I mean, don’t ask what brand of toilet paper they use, but if you can click on a personal level with your designer, then sparks will fly. Trust me!

Wondering how I can help you create a one-of-a-kind logo that shoots cupid’s arrow straight through your ideal client’s heart? You never know, I might be your perfect logo designer! Get your mitts on a welcome kit here, or let’s arrange a free 15 minute virtual coffee (my shout!).

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