Homeschooling guide for business owners

Homeschooling tips for business owners

Since we last chatted, it seems the world has been tipped upside down. For online female entrepreneurs and small business owners, it felt like life was busy enough… but now the scales have been tipped further as you are juggling more balls to keep your business afloat and your families safe, fed, loved… but wait… here … Read more

Facing the fear of starting a business

This month’s biz-lady feature is an incredibly inspiring lady that I met just over a year ago at a brand new event in Adelaide, supporting Mums in Business. She’s vivacious and kind, with a spark that burns brighter in the face of obstacles and setbacks. She’s resilient, incredibly kind, one of the biggest supporters of women … Read more

Finding Balance in motherhood and business

Finding balance in motherhood and business… WHAT balance!? Today’s biz-lady feature is a woman after my own heart. We click on so many levels, including our passion for creating a successful business around our lives, which includes our family and children. We’ve both embarked on the fruitless search for the elusive balance, and come out … Read more

The ultimate school holiday survival guide for mums in business

Here we go ladies! We’ve just arrived at the biggest challenge many of us will face in our business year. SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Cue horror music. For some of us, it’s a joyous time. We can take time off with our little ones and be fully present with them. No lunchboxes. No routine. No obligations. … Read more