Facing the fear of starting a business

This month’s biz-lady feature is an incredibly inspiring lady that I met just over a year ago at a brand new event in Adelaide, supporting Mums in Business. She’s vivacious and kind, with a spark that burns brighter in the face of obstacles and setbacks. She’s resilient, incredibly kind, one of the biggest supporters of women in business I’ve ever met and I’ve invited her here for our first ever Q&A feature! Let me introduce you to Sally Harding, founder and director of SA Mums in Business.

Enjoy! Rachel x

Facing the fear of starting business

Q. What exactly is SA Mums in Business?

A. SA Mums in Business is host to a supportive community of boss mama business owners and career driven mamas here in South Australia. We also support stay at home mums juggling children and a social life.

Q. Tell us a little more about yourself.

A. As a juggling mum of two, Rayne, 3.5 years and Sadie, 22 months, I understand the juggle we face as mothers who have strong career goals.

I have been a business owner for nine years, running a personal training business prior to having my kids. The hustle became very real when they both came along, and the reality kicked in on how isolating it can make you feel running business and being a mother.

Q. What is SA Mums in Business, and how will it help mums in business?

A. I believe a mum needs a strong support system by her side.

We all need inspiring, empowering women to help us thrive. After all, the smallest connections can bring the biggest possibilities!

I host regular luxe events in Adelaide, featuring guest speakers, entertainment, and gorgeous scenery. Our main goal is to provide an outlet for mums to get out of the house and network!

I like to think our events help women create new friendships, new business connections or simply meet like-minded women that can support and empower each other to success.

I am always speaking with women about starting a business, especially the self-doubt they are feeling.

Doubting ourselves is a natural feeling. It’s so easy to say you can’t do something, because, in reality, putting our dreams to action is pretty darn scary!

Face the fear and do it anyway!

You will have doubts, there will be times its hard, challenging and seems like it will never have a positive outcome. The most important thing is that you start.

Push the self-doubt aside, realise that you CAN do it.

If it is important to you, then believe me when I say you will make the time to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Q. How do you just make it happen, how do you start a business?

A. So, you have made the call to face the fear – let’s start working on your dream!

My advice when starting: Just start. Nothing fancy.

Start with a small task, the another, then the next.

It does not need to be perfect.

It does not need to be in a set-in stone, can’t stray from business plan.

If you have passion, a love for what you are pursuing, and determination to succeed, you WILL make it happen.

Q. What tips do you have for staying motivated in your business?

A. People always ask me how I stay motivated, and the answer is – a lot of the time I’M NOT. Yep, I bet you didn’t expect that answer!

Motivation doesn’t just happen. You certainly don’t wake up with it. As much as we all wish a fairy would zap us with her wand in the middle of the night, it doesn’t quite work that way!

So, while motivation is a great tool, what is much more important when working for any goal – DEDICATION and CONSISTENCY.

When you are dedicated to your goals, consistent with your business, or even just your social media, there will be a positive progression.

Q. Any parting words of wisdom to share?

A. Absolutely. My biggest piece of advice – Get your game face on!

Pull up your big girl pants, and make it happen.

You will slowly, but surely get to that goal with the PASSION you started with, DEDICATION you created and CONSISTENCY to chip away at that goal.

Mamas, welcome to entrepreneurship!

Connect with Sally and SA Mums in Business here:

Website: www.samumsinbusiness.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/samumsinbusiness
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/samumsinbusiness

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