Three ways to keep your brand healthy through uncertain times

I’m here to sprinkle a little sunshine on your day. Although there is so much uncertainty, unease and upheaval circulating our business community at the moment, it’s not ALL doom and gloom. Even if your business is temporarily stalled, you CAN keep your brand healthy through uncertain times.

Some businesses are temporarily closing for the greater good, and the amazing people behind those businesses have my heartfelt gratitude for their selflessness and sacrifice.

Others have cut off their core service or product offering in favour of entirely different substitutes that still fill the needs of their customers, and these businesses deserve a medal for bravery!

There are some very brave souls who are pivoting quickly, adapting to the current climate either temporarily or for the long term. The inspiring owners of these businesses deserve our support and a massive pat on the back for thinking outside the box.

Some businesses are seemingly unaffected, but are perhaps feeling unsure about what the future economical conditions will bring for the long term game.

Other businesses are BOOMING, due to the shifting needs of our society, resulting in a large audience.

Whichever category your business fits into, with a little love and TLC, it’s entirely possible for your brand to remain intact throughout all of this chaos. Here’s three tips to encourage and maintain brand loyalty.

  1. Consistency

Keep your brand healthy by consciously maintaining your visual brand, brand voice/tone and imagery with meticulous consistency. Don’t start sharing inappropriate memes on your business page about current affairs if your brand is known for nurturing and empathy. If your vibe is uplifting and happy, keep any aggressive or frustrated rants to your personal page. Your audience (as with most of us) are most likely feeling uneasy, confused and frustrated. The one sure thing that encourages trust during this time is consistency in behaviour. This also applies to your brand.

  1. Relevancy

Create relevant content. Think quickly, act swiftly. Even if you have had your content planned since January, review its relevancy to the extraordinary situation we have found ourselves in. Keeping content relevant will show that you are thinking about your audience. Be sympathetic to their needs and their individual situation.

  1. Keep your eye on the prize

Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Do not give up on your vision. Take big, brave steps towards your goals, even if the path you take looks a little different at the moment. Do what you can to keep moving forward. Baby steps are still steps. Make the most of any extra time up your sleeve to work on your brand foundation, plan content, work on new offers. This situation is temporary. If you keep in touch with your audience with how you’re adapting your services, or simply offering core content during a time of forced hibernation, your brand will not be hindered. Book in that rebrand you haven’t had time to contemplate. Work on your website copy. Create email sequences. Strive towards keeping your brand healthy, so that you come out of this in a strong position, with more brand clarity than before.

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