8 Simple Steps to a Flawless Branding Photoshoot

Preparing for a branding photoshoot can be intimidating and daunting! Where do you even begin? What do you look for in a photographer? Do you need professional hair and make-up? How do you prepare for the big day? Personal branding photographer, Kristy Pask answers all of these questions and more, giving her eight simple steps to a flawless branding photoshoot.

Enjoy! Rachel x

How do you achieve a flawless branding photoshoot?

Why do you even need a professional branding photoshoot? It’s pretty clear really. Gone are the days where people are happy to buy from a faceless company. Today, we want to see the person behind the brand. We Google them before we book, want social proof, need to see who they are and they need to prove that we can trust them.

But where do you actually start? What do you look for to create a successful branding photoshoot? What are some of the things you need to consider? Here are some ideas I hope will get you started:

  1. Get clear on your story for your branding photoshoot

The first step is to get clear on the story you’re going to tell your audience. What do you want them to know about you? What content are you going to be sharing alongside these images? Where are you going to be using your images? What’s the ‘vibe’ you’re creating? Once you begin to understand these elements it will actually help you make all the decisions that follow.

  1. Choosing your photographer

Select a photographer that will bring your vision to life. Instagram is a great place to see the photographer’s work and you’ll be able to get a feel for them and their personality through their captions and by their stories. It’s important that you feel super comfortable with your photographer, having your photo taken can make you feel quite vulnerable, but the right photographer will do their best to make you feel empowered and comfortable.

Don’t forget to consider the photographers editing style, some photographers will edit using their signature style while others will edit to suit your brand and aesthetic. It’s important to understand how your finished photos will look, you don’t want to get them back and realise they don’t suit your brand.

  1. Find the perfect location for your branding photoshoot

Personal Branding shoots can be done anywhere. From your home or office, in a studio, in a cafe or just out in the world. Depending on the length of your shoot, you should be able to choose a couple of different locations. Again, this comes back to understanding the story you are telling. You need to feel comfortable. So if you don’t think you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the shoot in a café with people around, avoid busy spots, stick with your office / home, or out in a wide open space where you don’t feel like people are watching.

  1. What to wear to create that flawless look

Trans-seasonal pieces will give you some longevity in the pics, but ultimately you want to feel comfortable in whatever you choose. Come back to the story you’re telling with these, make sure they align. And remember, gone are the days where you had to wear a skirt-suit to look professional, show up as yourself. You should feel confident, empowered and comfortable.

  1. Investing in professional hair and make-up

Getting your hair and make-up done professionally is a personal choice. If you wear make-up often and feel confident doing it yourself, go for it! If you’re not generally a make-up wearer and really don’t want make-up in your shoot you certainly don’t have to get it done. It’s important to know that sometimes the lighting we are working with can slightly alter what the lens will see, which means we can lose a little detail around your eyes. Some nice editing can help this of course, however if you’re feeling unsure and you’re not confident with your own make-up (even if you wear make-up most of the time), a professional make-up artist can help you achieve an incredibly natural look that just helps those details pop in camera.

  1. Consider attention-grabbing props

Keeping your hands busy is a great way to help you feel a little more comfortable, but your props need to help tell your story and fit in with you shoot. Perhaps you could hold you phone, maybe you have a laptop or camera you’d like to include, your favourite mug, magazines and books, or a letterboard. Think about the season, are you going to use these photos around key holiday periods like Easter or Christmas and could you include some bunny ears or antlers? It’s important to have fun, choose some props that will help showcase your personality.

  1. Make sure you get the shots you need / want

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) map out every shot for the session, however if you know you want a shot with you throwing confetti in the air, make sure it’s on the shoot list. Maybe you want one of you looking at your phone, twirling, cooking, sitting while looking out at the ocean – if there are shots that you know you have to get, make sure your photographers knows you want them.

  1. Have fun!

And finally, don’t forget to have fun! Unless you’re used to having your photo taken, you can begin to feel really vulnerable in front of the camera. The best thing to do is just be yourself and relax, don’t overthink it. Put some consideration into the look and feel you want to create and let your photographer guide you there.

Don’t be afraid to be silly and laugh. Your photographer isn’t there to judge you, the more you can let go I guarantee the more you’ll love your photographs.

Kristy x

Personal Brand Photographer


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Kristy is an experienced marketing and brand manager with over 12 years experience, who has taken her love of photography from a hobby to a career to help women in business up level their presence with personalised imagery. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners stand out outline, allowing them to build a business that lights them up so they can live a life doing something they love.

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