• Logo design
  • Sub-logo design
  • Illustrated branding elements
  • Imagery selection
  • Font recommendations
  • • Comprehensive colour palette
  • Facebook cover
  • Business card
  • Product labels

The Laura Sharp (The Healthy Lifestyler) branding identity is built on the keywords: warm, earthy, inspiring, trustworthy.

Laura was seeking a distinctive look to reflect her professionalism and increase her brand credibility. With alternative health as her main focus, Laura's aim is to help families overhaul their homes and lifestyles to life toxin-free and look to natural options for health remedies.

The feather and rose illustrated branding elements are used intermittently to identify the brand and support the logo. The rose is a strong symbol of love and beauty, as well as being a sought after essential oil with uplifting emotional support. It's the perfect companion to this boho-style brand personality.

The Laura Sharp logo was created by combining hand lettering and illustrated elements to represent feathers hanging from a rose, also referencing a dreamcatcher.

Laura Sharp Business Cards
Laura Sharp Essential Oil Labels
Laura Sharp Facebook