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  • Logo design
  • • Sub-logo design
  • • Illustrated branding elements
  • • Illustrated pattern
  • • Imagery selection
  • • Font recommendations
  • • Comprehensive colour palette
  • • Facebook layout
  • • Business card
  • • Email signature
  • • Email newsletter template
  • • Social media templates
  • • Website design

The Essential Market branding identity is built on the keywords: holistic, authentic, growth, happiness and encouragement.

The imagery of Essential Market has been designed to appeal to the target market of a female in her early 30s. She is grounded, has a passion for life and is seeking natural alternatives for her home.

The chamomile flowers in progressive stages of blooming represent growth, nurturing and calmness and can be used in conjunction with the other elements to reiterate the Essential Market brand.

The seamless pattern inspired by hand-painted Moroccan tiles (‘Zellige’) gives unique personality to the brand, using all aspects of the colour palette. Featured sparingly, it gives an alternative and earthy yet luxurious feel, which represents Essential Market’s vision. A segment of the pattern is mirrored in the logo and sub-logo to create consistency.

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