What is a brand? It’s not your logo

It is a common misconception that your brand is simply your logo, especially for those just starting their journey into biz-life. A logo certainly helps to create a visual reference for your brand, along with consistent fonts, colour palette, imagery, patterns, illustrations, brand elements and textures. But your brand is anything that is seen, heard, felt, read or perceived about your business. Anything! Some examples include your shopfront, website, business cards, flyers and even what someone else is saying about your business!

With that in mind, creating a visual branding identity that shoots cupid’s arrow straight into the heart of your ideal client is a confident step to creating consistency and control over emotions and feelings evoked by your brand.

Think about what your brand is saying, and how it makes you feel.

  • What’s the clear image that your brand is portraying?
  • What specific message is your brand sending?
  • Does it appear professional and honest?
  • What about reliable, consistent and cohesive?
  • Is it attracting your ideal customer?
  • Above all, is it a true reflection of yourself and your business philosophy?

Where do you start building a branding identity that answers all of these questions and evokes trust in your audience? It can feel daunting in the beginning, so take a deep breath! Solid branding foundation starts with defining your target market and identifying what makes your product or service stand out. Research what works and what doesn’t work for your competitors. Which colours evoke the feelings you’re aiming to stir? Visualise the message you would like to convey. Is it bold, quirky, whimsical, trustworthy?

Not sure where or how to begin? Looking for guidance in defining a beautiful look and feel for your brand? I’d love to help. Check out my branding packages, or let’s hook up for a free 15 minute virtual coffee (my shout!).

Chat to you soon!

Yours in caffeination,


Brand stylist / graphic designer / illustrator

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