Sista & Co Logo



  • Logo design
  • Alternative logo design
  • Illustrated branding elements
  • Illustrated seamless pattern
  • Imagery selection
  • Font recommendations
  • • Comprehensive colour palette
  •  Illustrations for fan designs
  • Business card
  • Email signature

The Sista & Co visual branding identity was designed around the keywords: feminine, chic, elegant, relaxed and confident.

With a focus on the fashion-conscious who attend outdoor events, the colour palette and textures evoke a relaxed, elegant feel. The primary colours are pale peach and navy, with a secondary colour palette that can be used to complement and support these in different applications (mint, periwinkle, fuchsia, gold, white and soft grey).

The hand illustrated, signature pattern is the branding hero, creating strong brand awareness for Sista & Co and providing contrast for the minimalistic logo design. The abstract fan shapes subliminally connect Sista & Co’s visual look to their product, printed in gold foil, for that extra touch of elegance.

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