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The Lavish Dance branding identity is built on the keywords of: confident, accepting, nurturing, passionate and professional. Tash's vision for Lavish Dance had matured and evolved over the seven years she'd been in business. She was looking for a branding foundation that truly represented her philosophies.

The imagery of Lavish Dance is designed to appeal to dedicated mothers looking for an alternative to the typical dance school ethos. The focus is on development, self esteem, nurturing friendships and providing a sense of belonging.

The abstract ribbons represent the freedom that Lavish Dance provides its students to express themselves confidently in a nurturing environment.

The seamless pattern represents roses in bloom, symbolising the tradition of throwing roses at the conclusion of a performance. It also signifies the personal growth that Lavish Dance strives for in its students.

Lavish Dance Branding Identity
Lavish Dance Branding Identity
Lavish Dance Branding Pattern
Lavish Dance Branding Identity