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  • Logo design
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  • Imagery selection
  • Font recommendations
  • • Comprehensive colour palette
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The branding identity of Kid Proof Food was created to highlight the keywords: confident, comforting, trustworthy, supportive and genuine.

Kid Proof Food is geared towards a (time-poor!) mum whose child has recently been diagnosed with a food allergy. She is looking for one reliable resource that she can trust to guide her towards a happy and relaxed lifestyle that incorporates safe, home-cooked food for her family.

With a focus on happy, healthy children and wholesome foods, the soft colour palette and textures evoke a relaxed, traditional and confident feel. The repeating modern-style burlap pattern is intended to be used as a supportive branding element, with the effect of softening flat colours and straight lines to create a feeling of homeliness and comfort.

The custom illustrated branding elements of a pear, apple and carrot (chosen strategically for their low allergenic qualities) were created to be used intermittently to add depth to the visual brand while supporting the logo.

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