Getting intimate with your ideal customer

Don’t make the same mistake I did!

What’s the big deal about creating a client avatar, otherwise known as a customer persona, your ideal customer, your kindred spirit client or your soulmate customer? Surely having a general idea of your target market is enough to start striding intentionally towards building the brand of your dreams?

In short, no. To gain the clarity required to walk confidently in alignment with your purpose and vision, you need to get into bed with your ideal customer. I don’t mean snuggles under the doona. I mean having a deep understanding of what it’s like to BE them. What’s keeping them up at night? What thoughts are racing through their mind?

Watch the video below to hear the mistake the I made (and I only had to make it once!) early on in my business, and how it helped me focus and in turn, led to branding success.

Lovely, if you have no idea what a client avatar or ideal customer is, how to create one or how this fits in with your overall brand strategy to create the business of your dreams, I’ve got you covered. Head on over to www.brandalchemy.net and join the waitlist for my signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy. Doors open 27 October!



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